2015 Mother’s Day Tribute

Mimi and MomMy Mother will be 86 years young in June and since Kindergarten, I have either handcrafted or purchased Mother’s Day cards for this special woman. I am lucky to have her alive, but words have never been enough to describe my feelings for her. It wasn’t always an easy relationship. She had her struggles throughout her life and I certainly have had mine. One thing for sure, that despite our 40 year age gap, I feel less like her daughter and more like a sister. This might sound odd but as a relationship evolves it starts to take on a different feel.

My mother was so different in “Mother-Mode” when I was younger. She yelled a lot and had this innate instinct to guide, protect, and discipline me so that I would learn from life’s experiences and survive. She taught me to meditate and like myself at a time when children weren’t very nice to me. Her famous advice comeback was, “That’s Normal” even when things didn’t seem that way. As I grew emotionally so did she, and she trusted me-a trust that I had to earn, and she softened her Mother-Mode mentality, yelled less, and we started to be friends.

As she aged and her health became compromised, our roles reversed. I looked after her health and affairs more closely, not once feeling burdened. When my father passed, I was the one holding her hand at night, I didn’t want her to feel alone. When my sister died before her time, we cried and consoled each other. Just being there together can be more powerful than words, cards, or material things. So this year, in addition to the card I bought at CVS – gotta keep up tradition – I wrote this to honor my Mother and Soul Sister. I love you!