For those that have received a “sneak peak” at Mimi’s new book, the reaction has been overwhelming! Here are what just a few parents have to say about it:


Review of Relax-a-bye-baby




From Reader Reviews:

“For some parents, getting their children to sleep is rather easy, at night the child is tired and ready to get in bed. However, there are some children for whom sleep is difficult, it is just their nature to find it difficult to get to sleep. Parents can struggle in trying to find a way to overcome this problem, it can be frustrating for both the parents and the child.
The technique described in this book is not original, I remember reading about similar tactics for adult relaxation as well as for children many years ago. It basically is just talking to the various parts of your body, telling them that it is time to relax and rest.

I never had to use this technique with my daughter, turning the light off was generally all that was necessary to get her to go to sleep. However, I have personally used this technique for relaxing and know it works. Our bodies are very open to simple suggestions and this is a safe way to to get a child to sleep. Although, as Sommers points out, it is habit-forming.”

~ Charles Ashbacher, Top Amazon Reviewer (5 Stars)


Separator_10“For those parents who have a hard time getting their child/children to go to bed, this book may be of help.  It suggests a relaxation technique that helped the author’s child.

The illustrations are very cute.  I was expecting rhyming type wording but it didn’t do that for every page.

My mom didn’t have this book but she used the old “rocking chair” technique which worked for me.  I understand not all parents are inclined to take this route so if you are not a rocking chair parent, then this book might be the idea you are looking for to solve those bedtimes woes by reading this book to them.

“I received a free or discounted product in exchange for providing an unbiased review.

~ Barbara Rhoades (4 Stars)


“Relax-a-bye Baby is a precious and essential book every parent should have. The lovely rhythmical rhyming story lulls even the parent reader to sleep, as the “voice” of the story is calming and so relaxing. This is one of those treasured books children look forward to reading night after night, for years. Even if your child does not have issues falling asleep, I absolutely recommend this book for its ability to capture its audience from the first soothing page to the last beautiful, bold illustration.”

~ Susan R. Sommercamp (5 Stars)

Separator_10“My daughter is a teenage babysitter and she uses this book to help get the small children to sleep and it is working! I wish we had this book when my daughter was younger!”

~ Brad Davidson (5 Stars)

Separator_10“This is a darling book with a great message and the cutest pictures! My Grandchildren have so much fun listening and responding to the instructions for relaxing. Their favorite part is letting out all their air like a lion! Then it isn’t long until they are quiet and still. One can feel the love passed on by the authors in this book. Wonderful story !!! I give this a definite 5 star rating!”

~ Martie Christensen Falvey (5 Stars)


“This is an awesome book! I was even relaxed and while reading it I was able to sense the love in the words of this book.
My daughter loved the book as well as the pictures. Best of all she was able to relax and have a good night sleep.”

~ Julie Loya (5 Stars)

Separator_10“This book provides a lovely way for parents to help their little ones relax and fall to sleep. The beautiful story and illustrations transform a normally stressful activity into a peaceful, calming one.”

~ Sharon (5 Stars)

Separator_10“I can’t tell you how much this book has helped my two girls to fall asleep faster and more relaxed. The illustrations are beautiful and engaging. I recommend this amazing book to any parent who struggle at bedtime. Try it! You will be amazed on how great it works!”

~ Reyhaneh Ayromlou (5 Stars)

Separator_10“So cute! Intelligent and engaging for babies up through older school age children! Definitely relaxing ♡ comforting.”

~ Krista Desinger

Separator_10“Absolutely charming. Great help for moms.”

~ Twerpie (5 Starts)