Repetition – If you first do not succeed try try again

I got a call from a friend who works with a mother of 5 children under 10 years of age. He told me: “Are you sitting down?”. Of course I said I was but who ever ‘sits down’ these days?

I could hear the excitement in his voice and was eager to hear what was next. He told me that this mother had trouble getting all of her kids down for bedtime. She decided to give Relax-a-bye Baby a try since nothing else really worked.

She was able to corral the children together for a moment and read the first page of the book. They were interested in the cover but by the time they got through the first page they were running around like they usually did before bed. She decided to give it another try the following night and committed to getting through the book even it took a month to do so.

sleep-meditation-for-kidsAfter 2 weeks, they were able to sit through the entire book, and were ready for bed. The children really liked the illustrations and the rhythm/rhyme flow, but most of all they were learning about body relaxation and what it means to relax. They were calm, attentive and surrendered to bedtime.

The Mother was so happy she had tears coming down when she told her story to my friend. She apologized for being emotional but she had tried everything to get her little ones settled for bed. I admire this woman because she didn’t give up, she didn’t feel sorry for her situation, she made a commitment to something and it paid off.

This mother is teaching her children about mindfulness and meditation at an early age so that they have some coping skills for their future. Meditation is a practice, if you don’t get it the first time or the 100th time, don’t give up and keep on trying.

These testimonials are sacred to me and they are the fuel that lights my fire. Thank you for everyone who has reviewed and written me about my book.

Until next time: Sweet Dreams!