The 2015 Meditation and Mindfulness Movement

clock stickerI came across a most inspiring story on January 1, 2015. NBC tonight showcased a Northern California Inner-City Middle School, which decided to incorporate transcendental meditation into the curriculum. Twice a day for 15 minutes students and teachers take time out of the busy day to meditate in complete silence. The only way the principal was able to do this was to extend the school day by 30 minutes. Some may say: “Isn’t that such a long day?” Well, on the contrary. Four years of research study suggests that these kids are not only more relaxed and prepared for school, but they feel safe, energized and less likely to be suspended for aggressive and poor behavior- in fact there were 79% fewer suspensions and a significant decrease in absences.

What if this program was implemented into all schools and districts-especially in High Schools where the competitive pressure to succeed with a high GPA is so great that kids are literally killing themselves? What if our households encouraged meditation and mindfulness? Well, it is possible to achieve this: one parent at a time, one child at a time, one teacher at a time & one school at a time.

We are in a meditation movement right now. It’s not just for yogi gurus, motivational speakers or hippies. Mindfulness workshops are popping up all over hospitals, junior colleges, libraries and within corporations. Meditation, mindfulness & yoga retreats are not just in wine countries or the mountains-they are within our communities. It’s time to embrace the powers and wonders of meditation-even if it’s just 5 minutes a day. Consider this as a New Year’s Resolution, it’s doable, everyone in the family can do it together in the morning, weekends and/or at bedtime.

Let’s make 2015 a year to remember by staying present, focused and empowered by our mind, body and spirit!

Join me in this movement and Happy New Year!!!

Mimi Sommers

Please enjoy the news clip: