I know how you feel. My name is Mimi Sommers and for the longest time, the bedtime routine with my son, EJ was a battle. Being an energetic little guy, he resisted every attempt I made to put him to bed. Getting him to sleep could sometimes take HOURS. At some point, I realized that we simply couldn’t go on this way and I was desperate to figure out a way to help him…and ME!

Finally, an End to the Torture!

What started as a little experiment to help EJ relax, quickly turned into our night time routine. A simple, gentle and loving guided meditation which I would walk him through was the miracle I’d been seeking. Inspired by my own mother and how she would use a similar technique on me as a child, I tailored the meditation to my son and to children in general. The result was transformational, for my son, myself and my husband. The evening routine changed from torture to a routine I looked forward to. At last, there is peace in my home in the evenings. I’m so excited about this, that I had to share it with other parents who suffer from a similar evening torture.

The magic secret that no parent should be without!

Book cover 3D soft cropped

Dear Parents,

Today I am excited to share with you a project which I built with complete love and joy! Just released, is my long awaited and eagerly anticipated book “Relax-a-bye-Baby.” I promise you that if you read this to your restless little one at bedtime or naptime, you will be thrilled at the results. Not only is the book a loving, gentle way to help little ones sleep, but it is also beautifully illustrated by my talented sister, Dana Théveneau.

“Relax-a-Bye-Baby” is now available for order! Click below to order it now.

This book makes a wonderful baby shower gift, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and birthday gift. What better gift can you give someone than a well rested child and parent?

I can’t wait to share this book with you and help you to make sleepy time, peaceful time!

Best Regards,





Mimi Sommers

P.S. You can also get an guided meditation of Relax-A-Bye-Baby so you can quickly and easily help your child slip into sleep! Check it out on these venues:

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